Advisory Panel and Research Team

Advisory Panel

Research Team & Associates

  • Professor Marwan Izzeldin (Director)
  • Dr. Vasileios Pappas, Senior Research Visitor in Banking and Finance (Deputy Director)
  • Dr. Rodrigo Hizmeri, Director of Scientific Implementation and Research Visitor in High-Frequency Econometrics and Empirical Asset Pricing
  • Dr. Ruijun Bu, Senior Research Visitor in Econometrics
  • Dr. Vincent O’Sullivan, Researcher in the Economics of Education
  • Dr. Alina Spiru, Researcher in Financial Economics
  • Dr. Peiran Shi, Research Visitor in High-Frequency Econometrics.
  • Dr. Marwa Elnahas, Senior Research Visitor in Accounting and Finance
  • Dr. Momna Saeed, Researcher in Islamic and Sustainable Finance
  • Dr. Caroline Khan, Researcher in the Economics of Resources
  • Dr. Zeeshan Akmal, Research Visitor in High-Frequency Econometrics
  • Dr. Yao Xingzhi, Research Visitor in Option Pricing, High-Frequency Data and Machine Learning
  • Dr. Rhea Elizabeth George, Research Visitor in Commodities and Precious Metals
  • Dr. Paul Dawson, Senior Research Visitor in Financial Derivatives
  • Dr. Heba Abou-El-Sood, Research Visitor in Accounting and Finance
  • Dr. Imran H. Khan Suddahazai, Research Visitor in Educational Leadership and Psychology
  • Dr. Iram Bhatti, Research Visitor in Islamic Banking
  • Dr. Nadeem Iqbal, Researcher in Energy Economics and Green Finance
  • Mr. Aamir Mohammed, Head of Executive Training and Research Visitor in Policy, Projects, and Strategic Management
  • Mr. Wachid Asad Muslimin, Researcher in Islamic Finance
  • Mrs. Aya Ghalayini, Researcher in High-Frequency Econometrics
  • Mrs. Sherry Luo, Researcher in High-Frequency Econometrics
  • Ms. Guan Yanying, Researcher in High-Frequency Data
  • Ms. Noora Alshamry, Researcher in Business Ethics and Sustainability